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a butterfly figurine sitting on top of a book shelf next to two books
Which is your favorite?! The more I look at them, the more that first bookend set really stands out to me. Maybe it’s the colors, maybe… | Instagram
three pans of paint sitting next to each other in front of a person's legs
two clay heads with plants growing out of them
three bowls and two playing cards on a table
Clay ash trays 🧿🩶🫶🏻
the kitchen counter is organized with spices and condiments, including salt and pepper shakers
kitchen aesthetic
an open refrigerator filled with lots of food
an open drawer filled with lots of different types of shirts and pants on top of carpeted flooring
Camisetas organizadas! | Bedroom organization closet, Organization bedroom, Wardrobe room
an open drawer with several pairs of shirts in it
All Journals | NEAT Method
several pairs of jeans are stacked in a drawer