Women In Bathtubs

Lee Price: American Figurative Realist Oil Painter I don't know if that set in.this is an oil painting.

Blue my mind - Julia Loves Romeo

How about we commit the perfect crime. I steal your heart, and you steal mine. One-piece bathing suit: Forever Aloe soothing gel: The

The most beautiful thing in life is the ability to love White strapless dress: Zara, Orange playsuit: H&M, Satin bralette top: Have to

Saryna Key – The beauty within

Mike Sabag the founder and creator of Saryna key With Mr. George Giannakopoulos the founder of HAIRPRO company Our goodie bags! Τα Saryna K

A Sea Of Mirrors

Time only exists in the past and the future but never in this very moment Dress: Zara, Spring collection Belt: Johnny Jo, Shoes and p

Liquid Dreams

Wild hearts will never be tamed Photos by Amarysia Sigala ( she tried to keep me locked in her apartment to no avail)