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iBombDat | Online Dashboard for Street Artists which allow them share geolocated images, videos and create posts about Graffiti.
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Marcin Barjasz – Polonia  street art per i libri e la lettura

Education is the Key to Knowledge. Created by street artist Marcin “Barys” Barjasz, in Lódź, Poland. Photo by Regina Lang.Street art - Education is the Key to Knowledge

Artists : Herakut.-.Herakut is the name of a two-person team of German street artists specializing in murals. Jasmin Siddiqui, or "Hera," and Falk Lehman, "Akut," call themselves graffiti artists

HERAKUT - "Don't Listen To Their Stories, Son! They Only Hate Us Because They Don't Know Us! I have a wonderful book they published = always great for fresh eyes inspiration.

It's that time of year again, the leaves colors are changing. Awesome street art. #graffiti #street #art STREET ART COMMUNITY » We  declare the world as our canvas.  www.moderncrowd.com/reverse-graffiti-street-art

A nice graffiti pink tree painted on a wall. _________________________ Look, graffiti is and can be both art and vandalism. It's always been that way, and it's not an either-or, mutually exclusive choice.

Banksy #street art #graffiti

Rain Girl: September by Banksy in New Orleans. Exactly three years after Hurricane Katrina, Banksy showed up in New Orleans. He left his mark around the city, providing stenciled commentary on the post-Katrina days.