Seahorse....a sculpture that adds elegance at your buffet

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A pirates chest with its precious treasures!

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A beautiful shell of ice, ideal for serving clams. Height 50cm

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Gondola of ice has decorated a venetian halloween party!

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The Reusable Freezer Molds (RFM) produced by Ice Gallery are of the highest quality and are reusable for many applications and many years. For the production of impressive ice sculptures with the Reusable Freezer Molds you will need the following: 1 – Reusable Freezer Molds 2 – A deep freezer at minus 20 degrees Celsius or 4 degrees Fahrenheit 3 – Plain Tap Water

DEGLI STAMPI RIUTILIZZABILI DI RAFFREDDAMENTO Per la produzione di scolpiti eccezionali di ghiaccio con degli stampi riutilizzabili di raffreddamento vi serveranno i seguenti: 1 – Degli stampi riutilizzabili di raffreddamento 2 – Un congelatore di un raffreddamento profondo di 20 gradi sotto zero di Celcius o di 4 gradi sotto zero di Fahrenheit 3 – Dell’acqua del rubinetto

WIEDERVERWENDBARE KÜHLFORMEN Zur Herstellung beeindruckender Eisskulpturen mit Hilfe der wiederverwendbaren Kühlformen, werden Sie folgendes benötigen: 1 – Wiederverwendbare Kühlformen 2 – Gefrierschrank mit -20 Celsius oder – 4 Grad Fahrenheit 3 – Einfaches Leitungswasser

A mermade that keeps on her hands a seashell. Height 75cm

Swan elegance....ideal for any event that includes buffet

Leaping Salmon...excellent decoration for your business meeting

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