37 weeks pregnant

Learn about the final weeks of pregnancy and get ready for the arrival of your little one. Discover helpful tips and advice for navigating the 37th week of pregnancy.
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This post may contain affiliate links to products I've tried, love and recommend. Ten days ago my water broke at 38 weeks pregnant. I was in shock, yet so, so happy I wasn’t going to be pregnant any more! NONE of my three other babies came even a day early. All of them made me

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At around 36 weeks pregnant, you may start experiencing some period-like pains as your baby moves down into position for birth. This is totally normal, and Dawn from The Pregnancy Nurse has all the information you need to know about it – including how to deal with backache at this stage of pregnancy. Plus, learn about what else to expect in the coming weeks! Stages Of Pregnancy, Pregnancy Stages, Pregnant And Constipated, Pregnancy Months, 36 Weeks Pregnant, 37 Weeks Pregnant, 39 Weeks Pregnant, 35 Weeks Pregnant, 38 Weeks Pregnant

Are you 36 weeks pregnant and experiencing period-like pains and backache? Congratulations – you’re in the home stretch! This article will help to explain what might be causing your symptoms, and offers some tips for finding relief. Take a deep breath and relax; you’re almost there! Big note: Period pains at 36 weeks are VERY …

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