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I liked the Voronoi deer remix by 3DDEDCLUB, but had some issues printing when scaled down. I took the original model by yeg3d and made a version with a more even edge width across the model. Also made the Voronoi pattern cover the bottom of the hooves. Included is also the laying deer model.

Helga Nixon
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This is a flexible, articulated fox 🦊 It can stand on its own and move each leg separately. As you can see in my pictures, it can also hold a pose. It prints in place, no supports or assembly required, and is PLA compatible. As usual, in addition to the single-color version, I have also included the multicolor version that you can see in my pictures. Enjoy :) ---

Hailey James
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**Print-in-place No Support Needed** **Both Switch OLED AND Switch CLASSIC versions are included.** Do you want a fantastic way to customize your Switch Dock? Here's the Nintendo Switch Japanese Cloud Dock Decor! Super easy to print in any color to go along with your TV setup! The model was carefully designed not to obstruct the AirFlow of the Switch or the cables at the back. Note that the USB ports will be covered, though. The two parts snap and stay put together nicely! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ IMPORTANT…