3rd grade art lesson

Inspire creativity and artistic skills in 3rd grade students with these fun and interactive art lessons. Explore a variety of projects and techniques to help your students unleash their inner artists.
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This is a lesson I finished up the last school year with and here we are again! :) The only difference is that I've decided to make this exclusively my 3rd grade paper sculpture project (it gives the younger ones something to get really excited about)! If you would like to see my excruciatingly detailed blog post about how to do this one CLICK HERE. You can also get a nice printable version of the 'how to make a chameleon' directions in my TPT store for free!

Brandi Moore

To begin class, we talked about the basics of portrait drawing: your eyes are in the middle of your head, your head is 5 eyes wide, your neck is as wide as your pupils, etc. I had the students make…

Lorie May
Elements of the Art Room: Beautiful 3rd grade Beehives! Elementary Art, Middle School Art, Art Lesson Plans, Art, Art Lessons, Art Lessons Elementary, Teaching Art, Art Classroom, Elementary Art Projects

Last month, 3rd grade started this little project, after I was inspired by the Instagram post of the incredible art teacher, Ms. Rogers! You can check out her IG here! I believe they painted their backgrounds, but since we're still art on a cart this year, we had to improvise! Here's how we created ours! Materials: Pencils Hexagon tracer Crayons Sharpie Markers Crayola Oil pastels Day 1: We draw our bees together. I do a little directed drawing, then we trace with Sharpies, and color with…

Esther Castro