60th birthday messages

Send warm and sincere 60th birthday messages to make their milestone day even more memorable. Explore touching and meaningful birthday wishes to show your love and appreciation.
60th Birthday Card. This is it. The big 6-0 for a wonderful human being. You are 60 years of incredible style and adorable goodness. Happy Birthday, dear one. Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy, Novelty, Good Things, The Incredibles, Adorable

Turning 60 is a huge milestone for anyone. There are many things to be grateful for after living your life for six decades. At the same time, there is a whole new category of aches and pains that are part of the package as you hit your golden years. It's always a celebration when someone crosses this magic number, but treat the occasion with much humor. Make the celebrant smile with a lighthearted yet sincere message that shows you truly care for the person. As an alternative, you can serve…