Abstract words

Uncover the endless possibilities of abstract words and delve into the world of imagination. Discover how abstract words can add depth and creativity to your writing.
Art School Admissions Portfolio: Typography Design Letters, Design, Word Collage Art, Word Wall Art, Word Art Typography, Word Collage, Typography Art, Typography Design, Graphic Art

Table of Contents Identify the clichés Take the initiative to create artworks that demonstrate your thinking process, that pushes beyond the most literal art cliché. In fact, the best way to combat the danger of a cliché is to eliminate that option immediately. When Prof Lieu does brainstorming exercises with her studio art classes, she asks the […]

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WELCOME TO FULL FONTAL! A collection of designed, typed, or written: thoughts . quotations . sayings . idioms . excerpts . signs . letters . messages . advice . notes . observations . diary entries . commentary . wordy images . scribbles . remarks . reminders . secrets . records . jottings ....

Tom Kélvin