Afghanistan War

Explore the complexities of the Afghanistan War, its causes, and its impact. Discover potential solutions to this ongoing conflict and gain a deeper understanding of this significant global issue.
Afghanistan on my mind: Photos of Afghanistan before and after Relaxing Places, Central Asia, Aerial View, Historical Photos, Installation Art, Civilization, Monument, Downtown, Tourist

1st photo, Kabul in 1970 2nd photo, the same intersection in 1993 during the civil war. Taken in 1994 Kabul Traffic Photograph by John Moore/Getty Images This 2006 photo of the old district in Kabul, Afghanistan, shows one of the effects of the influx of foreign capital following the expulsion of the Taliban. Thousands of people have bought cars with their newfound wealth, leading to hours-long traffic snarls on streets previously plied mainly by donkey carts and bicycles. At top: Darul Aman…

CR Wilhelm

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