American dream

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The american dream could be to become richer, powerful, to have an "all american family" and anything else that betters their life. Description from I searched for this on American Dreams, American Life, American History, Vintage Pictures, Old Pictures, Old Photos, Vintage Family Photos, Vintage Images, Vintage Life

The idea of the American Dream is woven through this country's politics, music and culture. It suggests a belief that hard work pays off, and that children will have a better life than their parents. But as the effects of the economic downturn continue to reverberate, many feel the American Dream is in jeopardy.

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You’re probably familiar with the article published in Housekeeping Monthly in May of 1955 on how to be a good wife. It was called, “The Good Wife’s Guide,” and it detailed all the ways that a wife should act and how best she can be a partner to her husband and a mother to her

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