Amish chicken

Try these mouthwatering Amish chicken recipes to enjoy a flavorful and satisfying meal. Discover the best ways to prepare and cook Amish chicken dishes that will leave you wanting more.
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Amish Baked Chicken This is my NEW "Go To" recipe for chicken. We all love this chicken. It is juicy, flavorful, pretty simple, and Finger-Lickin' good! I have made it for company (so you know it's good) and it never fails to impress. Now I am going to give a disclaimer on this recipe: I bake it on a stone with sides (Pampered Chef: Bar Pan) so if you do not have a stone I have no idea how this chicken will turn out! For me, the skin is crunchy and flavorful and the chicken meat is juicy and…

Marie Peters
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I can easily understand why I have friends who do very little cooking anymore. With all of our traveling this winter and eating out, it takes a special effort on my part to get in the kitchen and cook. I guess it is just good that we are both trying to lose weight and feel like "eating out" makes it harder to do so. I bought skinless chicken breasts frozen two in a bag at a popular warehouse store a while back. I had taken a bag out to defrost in the refrigerator on Sunday and just needed to…

A. Cheeseman
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The Amish Chicken is a dish that is both delicious and healthy. It has a unique taste that comes from the distinctive combination of all its ingredients. The great flavor also finds its way into the gravy, and a fun fact is that, the Amish Chicken makes on its own gravy while baking. Asides from

Lula Effertz