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Uncover the allure and splendor of ancient jewels. Explore top ideas and learn how to incorporate these timeless treasures into your style.
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History Overview Ancient Romans are renown for the complex jewelry designs and use of a wide range of materials, especially colorful gems and glass beads. This craft was extensively favoured by the influence and know-how of the different cultures they embraced and variety of natural resources available in all the Mediterranean territories under control. Additionally, an extensive trade network of imports provided access to exotic materials, semiprecious and precious stones that could travel…

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Gold Necklace with Medallion Depicting a Goddess LACMA 50.22.20 (2 of 2) | by Fæ -  Egypt, Roman Period (30BCE - 300 CE) Gold, green glass. Ancient Jewelry, Roman Jewelry, Ancient Jewels, Ancient Egyptian Jewelry, Golden Necklace, Medieval Jewelry, Antique Jewelry, Jewels, Jewelry Design

Wikimedia Commons image page Description Title Gold Necklace with Medallion Depicting a Goddess (image 2 of 2) Description : Egypt, Roman Period (30 BCE - 300 CE) : Jewelry and Adornments : Gold, green glass : William Randolph Hearst Collection (50.22.20) : [http: // Egyptian Art] Accession number 50.22.20 Date Roman Period (30 BCE - 300 CE) Dimensions Length- 17 1/4 in. (43.82 cm) Source *Image: http…

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Fashion tends to repeat itself ... a lot. In fact sometimes it's seems that is all it does is 'borrow' from another decade, another era. But let's take a gander at some very interesting styles that today's designers haven't yet sent down the catwalk.... 1. Embroidered Knee Highs Knee highs were lik

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