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ArtStation - Capital City Nine, Arseniy Chebynkin Fantasy Artwork, Fantasy World, Fantasy City, Fantasy Castle, Fantasy Town, Fantasy Places, Fantasy Landscape, Castle, Fantasy Background

Capital City Nine, new city map! Backgrounds done for 『Shining Nikki』 game developed by Paper Games. Hope you like it! You also can check trailer Background illustrations may be little different/modified for the sake of unified hues in the game, hope for your understanding.

Tater Thots
Houses, K Project, Japanese School, School Building, Building, Top 10 Best Anime, Futuristic City, Kota, Another World

(Y/N) is a average girl who lived by herself at the time. Her parents are studying abroad and her brother is at college. He visits a few times a year, but not that often. (Y/N) is currently transferring to Hokkaidō High School. Who knows what might happen.. Read to find out more

Ben Anthony