Archaic greece

Uncover the fascinating history and culture of Archaic Greece. Dive into the art, architecture, and mythology that shaped this ancient civilization and be inspired by its enduring legacy.
High Archaic Greece - XIX: The Berlin Goddess | Although thi… | Flickr Berlin, Greek Marble Statue, Underworld Hades, Goddess Demeter, Archaic Greece, Statue Of A Woman, God Of The Underworld, Pergamon Museum, Spiral Bracelet

Although this sculpture became world-famous as the “Berlin Goddess”, it represents the funerary statue of a woman from a wealthy family appearing as the “bride of the god of the underworld, Hades”. Her magnificent bright red garment emphasizes her high social status. This female figure wears an “epiblema”, or rectangular shawl, with tassels at the corners, over a sleeved, belted peplos. She stands in a frontal pose with her feet parallel, and both arms bent. With her right hand she holds a…

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