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-Design Project introduction- Research, Innovation and Business represent the backbone of the present dissertation. The use of knowledge in business environments symbolizes the overlapping area of these concepts. Nowadays, the knowledge economy challenges researchers to investigate how knowledge is generated, exploited and commercialized to achieve a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic environments. The present CDP project is an example of that. These three pillars, as well as their…

Frida Peña
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In my project, which consists of 3 buildings in total; I also created accommodation areas for people coming from abroad to visit the museum. I also designed a library building for researchers who come to the museum. I united people by opening all buildings to a common area. While using a common language in my library and museum building, I reduced the explosion effect in my accommodation building and designed this place more regularly and created a contrast.

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Image 26 of 29 from gallery of Architecture That Can Feed You: Penda's Yin & Yang House Addresses Our Detachment With Food. Courtesy of Fernando Neyra

Daniel Winkler
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Green Housing by Daniyal Hasan Read more: 🌍India University: Vastu Kala Academy College of Architecture, New Delhi Register your projects: #india #architecture #inspireliawards #amazingarchitecture #architecturestudent #architecturestudents #architecturestudentlife #architectureschool #architecturecompetition #architecturecompetitions #architectureconcept #render #inspirelicompetition #architect #design #architecturelovers #3d #concept

Faria Sheikh
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The concept of architectural design has always been to create a structure that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical and safe. Concepts of such design usually depend on the materials and techniques that are used, as well as the geographical location of the building. One of the most difficult steps in t