Arrays activities

Explore a variety of activities that will make learning about arrays fun and engaging. From interactive games to hands-on exercises, discover exciting ways to reinforce your understanding of arrays.
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I love math. It's my favorite time of day and my favorite to teach. Mostly because it seems like every year, my kids come to me and hate math. I'm not sure why, really. But when they leave me, Math is all they ever talk about! This was a fun activity we did in October when teaching arrays. There are many variations you can do with it and it will still be just as cute. After learning about arrays from our math program, students then decided what kind of monster they wanted to create…

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Here's a terrific idea for using a hole punch to create arrays for teaching multiplication. Multiplication, Montessori, 4th Grade Maths, Maths, 2nd Grade Math, 4th Grade Math, 3rd Grade Math, Teaching Multiplication, Math Games

This post contains affiliate links to materials I recommend. Read my full disclosure statement. My friend, Kim, at Life Over C's has an awesome 21 day series going on her blog called 'Learn with Your Craft Stash'. The series focuses on learning activities you can do with craft items you have around your home or classroom.

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