Art classroom jobs

Empower your art students by assigning them exciting classroom jobs. Explore top ideas to foster creativity and responsibility in your classroom.
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Discover ideas for art classroom jobs for students in my latest blog post. Learn how to assign and manage these roles to foster responsibility, independence, and a well-organized art room. Perfect for art teachers seeking effective strategies for student engagement at clean-up time.

Clare Ward
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I was inspired by a post by Jen at "draw the line at" to try assigning Art room jobs at my intermediate school. I had never tried before, because this method had never occurred to me! Jen came up with 6 jobs, one for each table, and created a system with magnetic tape to easily rotate the assigned tables for each job each week. After I read her post and saw the pictures, I started brainstorming which 6 jobs would work well in my classroom with my style. I wanted to make sure I could come up…

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We are enjoying our art room jobs this year. After thinking about the daily jobs that we do in the art room, I listed the six most frequent tasks. Last year I had a "helper table" that helped with everything that day. This year, I am giving each table a job to do each week. The color for each job stays the same for the entire week for all of my classes to make it manageable. If we are not painting, the table that would handle washing the brushes does "quality control". Otherwise, my job is…

Erica Spitz
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Welcome to my Art Room for 2015-2016! Be warned - oodles of pictures in this post! Enjoy! This is my SMARTBoard, which I couldn't live without anymore! These are my new clean-up signs. When I say "It's clean up time" - they should follow the Clean Up 5 sign and then the Table Job sign. The less I have to talk during clean up, the better! I think the kids would agree! :-) Does the sign on the left seem to familiar? That's because I totally loved what Alecia at Art of Ed wrote about HERE and I…

Karen Jacobsen
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Only one more week till school starts for me and I'm going out of my mind with boredom! I can't wait to start school and have art projects to share! I spent about seven hours in my room today, organizing my paint, putting the rest of my requisitions away, finishing bulletin boards, and laminating things for later use. I wish I could relax, but I'm excited to start this school year. Even though it may be more stressful with the new Common Core and A.P.P.R. stuff, these changes are forcing me…

Christina Fowler
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Hey there! I tried a new classroom management system this past year and I LOVED it. I shared about it on my Instagram at the start of the school year but hesitated to do so here. I wanted to make sure it was a system I could stick with. If you've read my book, Art Teacherin' 101, then you know I ONLY do systems that are easy and ones I can keep up with. This it. Here's a video of just how it works: And if you need a refresher on my classroom management series (much more to come!)…

Anita Fisher