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Enhance your art critique skills with these expert tips. Learn how to analyze, interpret, and provide constructive feedback on works of art. Start critiquing like a pro today!
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What is the CS?Comparative Study- 20% of Exam [30 points(SL), 42 points(HL)]. External Exam (assessed by IB).Compare and contrast at least 3 artworks from at least 2 different artists of similar subject matter from 2 different cultures and (or) time periods. (They must be from different cultures). The study explores the formal qualities, meaning,

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For too many art teachers, assessment remains a difficult concept. It’s tough to know what’s going to work, how it can be implemented, and how it can be incorporated to actually help improve teaching. In this episode, Tim takes on some of these concerns and shares his ideas on making assessment valuable. Heather Crocket, the […]

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