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Ready to #time travel? In Today's article, I'll take another trip across space and back through time to experience an #art form of several mores and historical episodes! Mosaic Art: A Trip through Space and Time | #Mozaico Design, Art, Street Art, Art Lessons, Artist, Devon Artist, Amazing Art, Artwork, Albert Einstein

Cover Photo: Jane Perkins It’s hard to believe that we started this blog almost two years ago today! As a content curator and main blogger of this online journal, my major aim and concern was to highlight and restore an ancient art form one letter at a time. Yes, it’s almost two years. Can you believe it? Time flies, but the memories collected along the way can never be replaced. Has anyone heard me say time (again) ? A lot of us take so much time to honor linear possessions, but there are…

Kathy Fitzgerald Townsend
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It seems like only yesterday when I started doing my Wednesday morning live paintings on Instagram. I would get nervous. I would stress about it each week. I had no idea how much I would come to look forward to this part of my week. I had no idea how many new friends I would make through this journe

Vardit Dafni
Fruit Bowl Still Art Drawing , Element of Art: Form and Value, 3rd-6th grade art class — Art, Fruit, Art Lessons, Elements Of Art, Draw, Art Drawings, Drawing Class, Bowl, Fruit Bowl

I have been posting my lessons one at a time as I write them to a website to sell. Go HERE to purchase class I really appreciate your support, as you can imagine, these take me hours to plan and then to write. Thank you for all the support!! I will continue porting here the link for the class, c

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