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Introduce your elementary students to the world of art history with these engaging and educational lessons. Discover fun activities and projects to spark creativity and foster a love for art.
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When I was a girl, the grocery store my mother shopped at sometimes sold oddball items - including, for a time, lovely oversized books about famous artists. Fortunately for me, my mother was happy to buy me one of these books each time she shopped, and soon I had most of them. I used to pour over them and dream - and my life is richer for it. There are a number of reasons I've wanted to include art history in our homeschool. Certainly I want to expose my children to lots of different types…

Cara Graham
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Every year, the month of March is designed as Women’s History Month, which is a great time to highlight the unique contributions that women have made to the art world and emphasize that everyone has a place in artistic creation. Here are three inspiring female artists to kick off your celebrations of Women’s History Month:

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