Autumn food recipes

Discover mouthwatering autumn food recipes that will satisfy your cravings during this season. From cozy soups to hearty casseroles, explore the best recipes to warm up your kitchen.
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As the colder months approach, nothing beats the comfort of an easy red wine beef stew. This simple beef stew recipe offers a rich, warming experience on those chilly nights. Infused with red wine's robust flavor and tender braised beef, it’s a surefire way to stay cozy and satisfied. What’s more, it’s a breeze to make with a few simple ingredients, guaranteeing a quick and easy bowl of stew whenever you crave that soothing comfort.

Heather Stanley
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Recipe video above. This is a great way to use pumpkin that ticks a lot of boxes - it's simple to make, works just as well as a side for a grand roast, or as part of a salad lunch spread, can easily to altered to fit various cuisines and occasions by changing the nuts and fresh herb, and it looks rustic and good with zero effort!Excellent served hot, warm or even at room temperature.

Kay Brown