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Green infographic about avocados. Text reads, "Avocados: Facts and Figures. Avocados originally came from Mexico. There are hundreds of avocado varieties, but Hass avocados account for the majority of avocados grown in America. Avocados are technically a fruit, but unlike most fruits, they have no sugar. All Hass avocados are descended from a single tree bred in California in the late 1920s." Avocado Infographic, Holidays In November, Fun Fact Design, Avocado Facts, Avocado Varieties, November Holidays, Food Holidays, Cool Facts, Healthy Food Menu

In honor of National Guacamole Day, here's some fun facts about avocados! And if you want more avocado trivia and facts about guacamole too, head on over to our blog about food holidays in November. * @ca_avocados @loveonetoday #avocadofacts #nationalguacamoleday #avocadofunfacts #avocadotrivia

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The Super Bowl is next Sunday and people are busy making plans for the big game. For many, the most valuable player will be the avocado, which is quickly becoming a fan favorite. In fact, it’s estimated that Americans will consume 120 million pounds or 240 million fresh avocados during the week leading up to the Super Bowl. This is a 20 percent increase from last year. It is also estimated that the amount of avocados consumed during the big game will be enough to fill an entire football…

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