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Celebrate your baby's gender with these creative and fun announcement ideas. From photo shoots to reveal parties, find inspiration to share your exciting news with family and friends.
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The most asked question once people find out you're pregnant should be: "hey, wanna go for tacos?" It's unfortunate that this isn't the case because I really love tacos, but the question for me that keeps popping up is...... "Do you know what you're having?" Well, yes, I'm having a BABY. Not an alien, even though it kind of resembles one right now, and definitely not a kangaroo, although those kicks feel like it could be sometimes. I know people mean well because it's about this time in…

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Yesterday was the day! We finally got to go in for our 20 week sonogram and see Baby Kemper#3! It seemed like everyone knew it was coming and I was fielding the question, “So how are you feeling about knowing the gender?” I bypassed the question and went straight to the typical, “I just want […]

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Gender reveal parties are such a fun way to announce the gender of your baby and celebrate with friends and family! My family threw us a reveal party to find out Alexa was a girl when I was pregnant for her. We went with the cupcake frosting reveal and they went all out with decorations!

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Amazing and fun gender reveal on facebook ideas you and your loved ones will LOVE! These amazing facebook gender reveal ideas are a muyst try if you are pregnant and want to do a virtual gender reveal online!

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It’s hard to believe I’m coming up on the third trimester of this pregnancy. With the pandemic, this one has been different for sure. It feels like time is flying, but also going very slow at the same time. January (when I got pregnant) seems like a lifetime ago. That was way back in a […]

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