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I love lamination. I often wish for human relationships that are as satisfying as the one I have with my laminator! This article is packed full of ideas for laminating everything you need for your classroom. Tips for solving laminating problems and an EASY DIY way to laminate WITHOUT a laminator! Inspiration, Work Humour, Pre K, Horror, Art, Humour, Teacher Humour, Work Humor, Teacher Humor

I love laminating! Seriously, I often wish that I had relationships with humans that were as satisfying as my relationship with my laminator. A couple of years ago all I wanted for Christmas was a personal laminator and a stack of laminating pouches. Santa heard my cosmic plea and I’ve been one crazy laminating mama ever since. In this post we’ll discuss some tips for great lamination. Just in case I don't mention it later, the best tip for perfect laminating is a perfect little helper! 1…

Diona Osterman-Api