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Barbie & Friends Book Club: "A Sea Of Friends" HC Jr. Novel (Grolier Books) Mattel 1998 "Barbie is a mermaid who loves adventure! So when some whale pals invite her on a trip up north, how can she resist? Barbie experiences all sorts of new things. And she can't wait to tell her sisters all about it—especially the part where she meets a real, live human!" :: Barbie & Friends Book Club ::

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I was a huge Barbie fan growing up. As a child my family never bought us "real" Barbies, we got a lot of "fakes". You know the dollar store type dolls but I loved Barbie. There was nothing like her and I was so jealous of my friends who had Barbies. Oddly enough; fast forward to 2005 when my baby girl was born. I started a nice, little collection of Barbie dolls for when she was old enough to play with them. SHE NEVER WAS INTO THEM! UGH. This book will be with me forever. Barbie Forever: Her…

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