Basement laundry room makeover

Revamp your basement laundry room with these inspiring makeover ideas. Create a functional and stylish space that makes doing laundry a breeze.
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Think your laundry room is bad? THINK AGAIN! For five years, we lived with the world’s ugliest laundry room , and this past January I said ENOUGH! We fully gutted and finished the space, and now it’s a magical laundry room space where all dreams come true. If you like before and after’s, ready, set

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Doing laundry is just one of those tedious, time-consuming parts of being human, but it can be a lot less tedious in the right space — and there are plenty of beautiful, functional laundry rooms that prove there are truly great spaces out there for folding, sorting, scrubbing, sudsing, etc. A dream laundry room, according to experts, has ample counter space, cabinets for storage, a sink for the toughest stains, and plenty of spots to stack and hang things.

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budget friendly laundry room makeover. taking you step by step through the process of drab, boring and lifeless laundry room to a fabulous laundry room.

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IT’S HEEEEERE! If there is one room that I am beyond excited about in this rental house, it just might be the laundry room (does this indicate my age and the fact that I am a Mom of 3?)! Other than this obvious answer, maybe it’s also because we live right in Vancouver where houses are small and lau

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Do you feel like you are always doing laundry? I know I do! And my laundry room was not so inspiring. Finally, I was tired of it- if I was going to be doing laundry so much, I at least wanted to do it in a pretty space! This Laundry Room Makeover will inspire you...

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