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Get started on your sewing project with these easy and free basic dress patterns. Create stylish and comfortable dresses with step-by-step instructions and unleash your creativity.
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When I first starting sewing, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on patterns that I wasn’t sure I would know how to use, so I wondered: where can I find free (but stylish) women’s sewing patterns that I could print out in the comfort of my own home? The following 11 websites have collections of

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This DIY wrap dress tutorial will show you how to sew your own dress. If you have been looking for an easy way to sew a wrap dress, this video is for you. With just one piece of fabric and some basic sewing skills, you can make yourself any kind of clothing in no time. I'll go through all the steps needed so it's simple enough even if you've never sewn before. In addition, we'll also talk about drafting a pattern for the wrap dress using your measurements.

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Princess Line - Armhole - Dress Patternmaking Dress Patterns, Couture, Blouse Pattern Sewing, Top Pattern Sewing, Blouse Cutting, Tunic Sewing Patterns, Fashion Sewing Pattern, Costume Sewing Patterns, Necklines For Dresses

Princess Line - Armhole This page gives instructions for creating the pattern pieces for the Armhole Princess Line style-line. The instructions given are limited to the style-line, as that is the theory being covered - I do not give the instruction to create the whole pattern; e.g. pattern pieces are not created for the lining

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