Bathroom countertops diy

Transform your bathroom with budget-friendly DIY countertops. Explore creative ideas to give your bathroom a fresh and stylish look with personalized DIY countertops.
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James and I strongly disliked our bathroom counter tops. We initially thought, easy fix! They sell double sink countertops at Home Depot! James had replaced the countertop in our first floor bathroom, and it was fairly straightforward. But to our dismay, our vanity upstairs was NOT standard size. We think they used a kitchen cabinet, … Continue reading "DIY Spray Paint Countertops"

Ann Jacobs
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Years ago I found a tutorial on Pinterest for DIY feather finish concrete countertops, using an existing countertop as a base. This post from Lauren at Bless’er House is the post I pinned, and also what I used as inspiration for our bathroom countertops. Before we get started with the steps we took to achieve our concrete countertops, let’s go…Continue Reading→

Michelle Gordon