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Find the perfect bathtub dimensions for your bathroom to create a relaxing and comfortable bathing experience. Explore top ideas for choosing the right size and style of bathtub for your space.

The TOTO Nexus Soaker Bathtub is an oval-shaped bathtub purposefully used for plumbing fixtures, showers, or tubs and spots a white cotton color. The bathtub cross-sectional area features a smooth line and deep bathing structure with an option for a user to add grab bars. The TOTO Nexus Soaker Bathtub has an overall height of 23.8125” (60.5 cm), length of 71.375” (181.3 cm), width of 35.4375” (90 cm), and total depth of 20.25” (51.4 cm).

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If you like to spend your free time luxuriating in a bathtub, then you will appreciate the benefits a soaker tub has to offer. These tubs are designed for soaking exactly as the name implies, and as such, they will be deeper and hold more water than your average bathtub, allowing the user to really immerse themselves in the water.

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The TOTO Neorest Freestanding Bathtub spots a single waterproof removable pillow, a flush drain, a push-button solution, and brass grab bars you can use for getting in and out of the tub. The tub has a Galaline solid surface which retains heat and resist stains and a deep structure for soaking. The TOTO Neorest Freestanding Bathtub has an overall height of 23.625” (60 cm), length of 70.875” (180 cm), width of 37.375” (94.9 cm), and total depth of 17.5” (44.5 cm).

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The TOTO Soirée Soaker Bathtub is a bold, modern, drop-in bathtub with clean lines and sharp curves, which gives it a stylish look and makes it a great addition to a bathroom. The tube can be coordinated with other TOTO Soiree Collection and optional grab bar finish and cable drain finish. The TOTO Soirée Soaker Bathtub has an overall height of 25.125” (63.8 cm), length of 72.375” (183.8 cm), width of 39.5” (100.3 cm), and total depth of 20.5” (52.1 cm).

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Duravit Architec Bathtub Model-No. 700442: Rectangular, Installation Type: Alcove, Integrated acrylic panel front, White, Sanitary acrylic, Number of backrests: 1 Left, Includes support frame, Overflow: Yes, Drain orientation: Above the ground, Right, Overflow position: Foot end, Capacity gal: 37 gal, Internal Depth: 15 3/8 ", Height with Panel: 18 ", ADA: Yes, cUPC listed: Yes. You can find all information about the product here.

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Bathroom Planning Guide Into The Most Suitable Dimensions. For the bathrooms that are targeted for the guests, or in the hotels, restaurants and similar, there are standard measurements the constructors use. They take a standard body size and depending of the bathroom element’s size, they arrange the space in the bathroom. Bearing in mind the […]

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