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Experience the beauty and grace of horses through stunning photography. Discover breathtaking images of beautiful horses and get inspired to capture their elegance in your own photographs.
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A couple of years ago I happened to work on a filming set with a group of horse handlers. Of course, I had seen horses before and even been in close contact with them, but it was these three weeks of working together that made me fully appreciate how amazing these animals are.

Pakize Erberber
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My name is Petra Marita Leifsdóttir and I'm a professional photographer working and living in the most beautiful place on this Earth - Iceland. In my recent photo series ”Icelandic Horse” I combined my two biggest passions, the Icelandic horse and Icelandic nature.

Emily Miele
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Hello again! My name is Liga Liepina, and I am an equine photographer in Iceland. You might have seen some of my work in my previous post. What I do is photograph Icelandic horses in the rough, yet stunning Icelandic nature, and I wanted to share with you some of my newest work.