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Discover top bee hive ideas to create a thriving apiary. Learn how to build and maintain bee hives for successful beekeeping and enjoy the rewards of honey production.
Honey Bee Hives, Bee Hives Diy, Honey Bee Garden, Honey Bees, Bee Boxes, Bee Hives Boxes, Bee Hive Plans, Beehive Design, Bee Colony Bees are essential to keep our ecosystem running as we know it, these master pollinators play a huge role in supporting the growth of trees, flowers, and other plants that serve as food + shelter for all living beings. They contribute to complex, interconnected ecosystems that allow a diverse number of different species to

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It is important to protect the timber of your hive to ensure its longevity. We recommend painting all Araucaria hives and all roofs with at least two coats of good quality outdoor paint. Western Red Cedar Many beekeepers use oils such as Tung oil or Linseed, to treat their cedar timber components, however, when finishing with oils in wet climates, mildew (black mould) can grow on the surface of your hive. This will not affect the structural integrity of your hive and should not have any…

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