Belle cosplay

Transform into the beloved Disney princess with these enchanting Belle cosplay ideas. Discover the perfect costume and accessories to bring the magic of Beauty and the Beast to life.
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I’m currently making Belle’s red flower dress from the Mamoru Hosoda anime…. bought materials less than 24 hours after I watched it 🤦🏻‍♀️I knew it was going to be a pretty film but I was really affected by the thoughtful story and characters! It is his best film for me personally. Belle’s millennium parade outfit: My hand-made costume in progress. This is where I’m at now, after about 40 - 50 hours of work. When it came to choosing which of Belle’s numerous outfit to make, there was no…

Johanny Salinas

Finally! We get to see Belle’s signature dress! There’s nothing else like it! That design, the texture, the way it puffs out but manages to be elegant and regal! Look at these cosplays! Those are just...