Best pet snakes for beginners

Looking to add a unique and low-maintenance pet to your family? Explore our top picks for the best pet snakes for beginners and find the perfect reptile companion to bring home today.

There are over 2,900 species of snake in the world, and while only a small proportion of these snakes are regularly available as pets that still provides a vast range of options. Unsurprisingly of course some of these species are far more suitable for beginner snake keepers than others. Generally there are a number of [...]Read More... from What Are The Best Pet Snakes For Beginners?

Lyssa Thomlin
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These days there are masses of different species of snake currently available in the pet trade. This raises an interesting problem: what are really the best small pet snakes which are suitable for beginners and require minimal space in captivity? As it turns out, while some snake species are difficult to look after thanks to ... Read more

Alisha Peiffer