Best riddles for kids

Engage your kids with the best riddles that will test their critical thinking skills and keep them entertained for hours. Discover the top riddles that are fun, educational, and perfect for family time.
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Second set of 21 cards (42 in total)ss play in groups or pairs, one player takes a card and the other has to guess which is the puzzle presented on the card, every time the answer is correct one point goes to the player. You can set a time for playing the game and the ss who has got more points it´s the winner. Another option will be to take it in turns and give, for example 5 minutes to each ss, to see how many cards can guess in the given time. If you think of other possibilies, as playing…

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The mind-blowing riddles, brain teasers, tricky trivia and some common sense questions for kids not only provide hours of entertainment but also nurture critical thinking skills in a playful manner. By engaging in these thought-provoking

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