Bigleaf hydrangea

Enhance your garden with stunning bigleaf hydrangea varieties. Discover how to care for these colorful and versatile plants and create a vibrant and inviting outdoor space.
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Plants: Big Leaf Hydrangea Hydrangea macrophylla, commonly known as 'Bigleaf Hydrangea' is a decidous flowering shurb prized for its large flowers and dense foliage. Many people associate the Big Leaf form of hydrangea with coastal communities of New England, where they are often used as a found

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Big leaf Hydrangeas bloom on old and new wood so you need to protect the next season's flower buds that form in the fall. In July remove some stems, then in fall shear off the top third off your plant. Late November or early December, it is very important mulch heavily, or even better, tie the branches together and wrap with burlap. Fill in the burlap cage with mulch. In the Spring uncover when you do your perennials. Once the stems produce leaves, cut out all dead ones and prune it back to…

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Hydrangeas are the most googled shrub on the internet. And it seems that blue or pink mophead Hydrangeas (H. macrophylla) cause the most swooning. Except, that is, in colder zones where frustrated gardeners stare at large leafy shrubs with few or no flowers. Pruning at the wrong time could be the culprit (if pruning to…

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