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Discover creative bin shed ideas to keep your outdoor space organized and clutter-free. Find the perfect solution for storing your bins and enhancing the aesthetic of your yard.
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How to make a Bin Store with a Green Roof

We now have to accommodate three large wheelie bins in our front gardens in Barnet and rather than have to look at them every day I set about designing a storage cupboard to hide them. This also gave me the chance to build a small green roof, something that I have been interested in experimenting with for a while. I built the tray to hold 100mm depth of growing medium which should allow me to grow a reasonable variety of drought tolerant plants. Once filled with soil and plants it will be…

Tracy Boggis
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Slatted timber bin store | The Bike Shed Company

Large slatted timber bin stores are suitable for accommodating four 360-litre wheelie bins. The open slats allow for extra air circulation. The standard design can be adapted to accommodate more bins and can be provided in different styles. Available in a range of colour options

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