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I’m excited to share with you an EASY PEASY way for students to see osmosis in plant cells! In the past, I always used elodea leaves for this lab. Elodea can be hard to find at pet stores and is a little temperamental to keep alive. This year I decided to use onion skin from ... Read more

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Hello 8th graders, Because we are human and humane, we will be doing a virtual frog dissection today. If you would like to read about the plight of frogs in the world and some discussion of why it is best to go with virtual dissection, try here: There are many more, but this is concise and factual. YOU WILL NEED YOUR HEADPHONES. To begin today's lab, you will visit the following link and work your way through the exercise, one video and page…

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A simple science experiment for kids to extract DNA from a banana, ending up being able to view the strands that hold the genetic code that make a banana a banana! Great science at home or classroom

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