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“I had thought you some golem of Sinclair's, brought here to hold Rapture's arms as he rifles through her pockets. But no… you are aware of your plight. Who, I wonder, would be so cruel? To force a mirror on a man with no face…” ― Sofia Lamb[src] Subject Delta (Symbol: Δ) is the protagonist of BioShock 2. Delta was the first successful Big Daddy subject bonded to a Little Sister. He has a Delta symbol on his suit, which is the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet, signifying Delta was the…

Artur Mota
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I don't think i've ever looked forward to a game as much as i did with Infinite. Leading up to its release, i studied every screenshot and trailer, soaking in every bit of detail. Beautiful, epic and emotional, it was worth the long wait. Irrational really outdid themselves with this one. Columbia (like Rapture) is filled with wonderful things to take screenshots of and having Elizabeth with you opens up even more fun possibilities. One of those, which you might have noticed from a few…

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