Blackwork patterns

Explore a collection of stunning blackwork patterns that will add elegance and depth to your next embroidery project. Find inspiration and start stitching today!

It's finished, done, complete. I will miss the slow pace of the work, the richness of the gold and black, that wonderful experience of doing something new for the first time. However... Ta Da! (imagine trumpets playing a fanfare here...) Here's a close up of the wrapped pearl purl and the

Sally Ellis
Free Blackwork Patterns – Cross-Stitch

This cute elephant blackwork project is just one of several free blackwork projects posted at Russian Blackwork for you to enjoy. Remember, just because it’s called blackwork doesn’t me…

Antoinette Setliff
Tudor Blackwork Embroidery: Patterns from Jane Bostocke's Sampler from 1598 Quilting, Embroidery Stitches, Quilts, Cross Stitch Patterns, Embroidery Patterns, Doodle, Embroidery Designs, Cross Stitch Embroidery, Redwork Embroidery

Jane Bostocke's 1598 Sampler can be seen at the V&A Museum here. Jane Bostocke's Sampler at the V&A Museum. Embroidered linen with coloured silk and metal threads, seed pearls and beads. The blackwork embroidery patterns below are from Bostocke's sampler and can be found here (Claudette Ziemann's page).

Jennifer Harris