Body mechanics

Learn the essential techniques of body mechanics to enhance your performance and prevent injuries. Explore top tips and exercises to improve your body mechanics and maximize your potential.
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Learning Objectives 1. State the three principles underlying proper body mechanics and relate a nursing consideration for each. 2. Demonstrate safe, comfortable, and appropriate positioning for clients in bed. 3. State the purposes of range-of-motion exercises. Differentiate between active and […]

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Knowing how to move, sit and stand properly can help you stay active and prevent broken bones and disability. Proper posture can also help to limit the amount of kyphosis, or forward curve of the upper back, that can result from broken bones in the spine. One of the most important things about body mechanics... Read more »

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Transferring patients--from bed to chair, chair to gurney, and so on--is a basic skill of the health professions. Everyone from EMTs to MDs have to know how to do it. It is simple, but if done incorrectly, it can result in painful injuries that can sideline workers for months, or even permanently. To prevent this ...

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New term started! Here's a planning for the first shot. I kinda made things too complicated last term, so I'll try to keep things simple and focusing on body mechanics. I'll put some attitude in the character but not much acting this term. It's always better to take a video reference by my self but I'm too scared to jump on the balance beam. XD

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