Book tasting

Immerse yourself in a literary adventure with a book tasting event. Discover creative ways to engage your senses and explore new books that will leave you craving for more.
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Book Tasting for your classroom! Learn how to run your own book tasting and get students engaged in reading. Includes tips on set up and how to run book tasting. Students will have opportunities to sample different genres and authors. They will take notes and refer back to their favorites when choosing a novel for independent reading. Sign up to get free book tasting resources: includes 13 trifolds and a placemat.

Lissette Galicia
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Book Tastings! I was seeing more and more teachers use them as a way to connect students with books they may love. I knew I wanted our students to be a part of an exciting event like this so the planning began. There was nothing out there for high school students! Since I love bringing the excitement of elementary school to high school, I knew I had to adapt. I wanted our students to experience the joy and love of reading for only that purpose. WHAT IS A BOOK TASTING?! A stack of books, a…

Stefanie Fortney