Bougainvillea tree

Enhance your garden with the vibrant colors of a bougainvillea tree. Explore top ideas to incorporate this stunning flowering tree into your outdoor space and create a visual delight for your eyes.
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Bougainvillea plants are beautiful climbing, flowering vines that can bring a lot of color and life to your garden. Bougainvillea is a flowering vine native to South America and has thorny vines, and in the right conditions, the creeper can become quite large. Bougainvillea's common name is paper flower. A bougainvillea that is left to grow in […]

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To make a Bougainvillea tree, you’ll need to start with a young plant. Select a strong, healthy vine to become the trunk and secure it with a stake and tie. Prune regularly to maintain the tree shape. Trim off the top when your trunk reaches your desired height to encourage lateral growth and create a canopy.

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