Boullion recipe

Enhance the flavor of your homemade soups and stews with these delicious bouillon recipes. Find easy-to-follow recipes to create savory and comforting dishes that will warm your soul.
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Add amazing flavor to your food with this homemade bouillon powder. You're going to want to add this stuff to EVERYTHING! Easy to make, super flavorful and much healthier than store bought. It's naturally vegetarian but tastes just like chicken bouillon powder and can also be used as a chicken broth substitute.

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Most bouillon powders or stock cubes are chock full of additives, flavor enhancers, sugar, salt and other weird things that you don't actually need. Although using stock cubes is an easy way to e.g. give your soups extra flavor, it can also give you all those things that you would probably prefer not to ingest. Therefore I went on an experimental journey, to see if I could make a powder as an alternative for stock cubes!

Garry Dorney