Breathing exercises

Discover a variety of breathing exercises that can help improve your overall well-being. Incorporate these techniques into your daily routine for better relaxation, stress relief, and mental clarity.
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The 3 Most Effective Breathing Exercises To Combat Stress

“Just Breathe” may sound like an infuriating suggestion when you are feeling overwhelmed. But when done correctly, breathing may be the key to finally getting a handle on your stress.Stress is typically accompanied by fast, shallow breathing, which can make a stress reaction even worse. Studies have shown that deep breathing exercises can help combat stress significantly¹ and may also have a positive impact on depression², heart rate, and blood pressure³. When practicing deep breathing, you…

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What is Square Breathing?

Square breathing, also known as box breathing, is a versatile relaxation technique embraced in diverse environments—from the calming corners of therapists' offices to the serene spaces of yoga studios and meditation centers.

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