Bronze age civilization

Uncover the secrets of the ancient Bronze Age civilization and discover its remarkable achievements. Learn about the advancements, culture, and artifacts of this intriguing era.
'Best Bronze Age settlement ever found in UK': 3,250+yo settlement preserved remarkable record of ordinary life -- Secret History -- Ancient Architecture, Archaeology, Architecture, Ancient Technology, Ancient Cities, Medieval Houses, Ancient Civilizations, Civilization, Neolithic

Most likely, a raiding party torched the village. Flames raced through the wooden roundhouses so quickly that the inhabitants fled without their belongings. The scorched remains, perched on stilts, eventually collapsed into the river below....

F Litt
ArtStation - Nordic Bronze Age girl, Joan Francesc Oliveras Pallerols Mycenaean, Anglo Saxon, Portrait, Larp, Archaeology, Bronze Age Civilization, Culture, Germanic Tribes, Fantasy

Sun dancer girl from the NORDIC BRONZE AGE. With this illustration I start a new project in which I’ll reconstruct characters from different Bronze Age civilizations. This one is roughly based on the clothes and artifacts found in the burial of a young girl who died in 1370 BC (some 30 years before the birth of Tutankhamun) and was buried in a bog in Egtved (Denmark). The acidic soil of the bog completely disintegrated her bones, but other organic materials were well-preserved. The coffin…

Ryan Brantley
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Some quick explorations based on the last character I did. They are supposed to exist during the end of their world's Bronze Age. While bronze is still widely used, iron is slowly starting to replace it, while gold is the metal of choice for accessories.

Krisada Taimsuwan