Brownie meeting ideas

Make your Brownie meetings unforgettable with these creative and fun ideas. Engage and inspire your Brownies while having a great time together.
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*All posts have been updated in April 2023 to ensure that all of the links are still viable for leaders to use. I have been my younger daughter’s Girl Scout leader since 2008, when I started my troop of six little Daisy Scouts. Like many leaders, I felt a bit overwhelmed when I first started, even though I had been an elementary school and preschool teacher since 1987. My leadership training was practically non-existent, and the internet did not have many resources available. Every time I…

Sheya L
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*This post contains affiliate links. Updated April 2023 Raise your hand if you are tired of hearing one of childhood’s most often heard phrases, “That’s not fair!” Of course, this is heard when someone feels that the scales are not properly balanced. While at times this may be true, oftentimes it is not. Earning the Brownie Fair Play Badge is a very active meeting. If you are able to go outdoors to earn this one, by all means do! My troop loved any meeting that was held in the fresh air…

Elizabeth Burgess

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