Bruce lee abs

Achieve rock-solid abs with a workout routine inspired by the legendary Bruce Lee. Discover the secrets to his incredible core strength and start sculpting your own six-pack today.
Don't let the pic fool you. The instructor does an easy to follow ten min ab workout that anyone can do. Bruce Lee Abs Workout, Bruce Lee Abs, Bruce Lee Workout, Neila Rey Workout, Best Abdominal Exercises, Superhero Workout, Trening Sztuk Walki, Latihan Kardio, Lower Ab Workouts

A Flat-Belly Workout That Only Takes 10 Minutes!

It's true: you can work your way to a six-pack in just nine moves! Celebrity trainer Ashley Borden takes us through some of her favorite exercises for achieving tight, toned abs — you'll never look at plank the same way again! Get ready to warm up the body, give it a great stretch, and feel your midsection burn in this 10-minute workout.

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