Discover the captivating and unique design style of brutalism in architecture. Explore top examples and learn how this bold and raw aesthetic can transform spaces.
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Marcos García
Chuvash State Opera And Ballet Theater, 1985, Russia Architecture, Theatre Building, Tower, Brutalist Buildings, Brutalist Architecture, Opera House, Brutalist Design, Futuristic, Building

Angular, geometric shapes, hard edges, and monolithic constructions. You are either in a Lego set or looking at an example of brutalist architecture. It’s a devise style, with some seeing it as the pinnacle of function over form, while others just think of endless, soulless commie blocks, with rotting, exposed concrete.

Willie Van Aswegen
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Barcelona-based photographer Arnau Rovira Vidal has shared with IGNANT his new personal project, ‘The Modern Lima’: a series of architectural images of the University of...

Lemon Star Soda
Brutalist Victory: Concrete Skylines Dominate Radical Retro-Future Cities | Urbanist Urban, Design, Architecture, Constructivism, Concept Architecture, Architecture Building, Architecture Design, Structure Architecture, Architecture House

Architectural trends come and go, but some visions are more persistent than others, and Brutalism could have been among them. This artist asks and answers the question: what if concrete monstrosities of the 1960s and 70s had somehow won the war against the steel-and-glass towers that dominate contemporary skylines? German digital artist Clemens Gritl has built

Rob Diltz

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