Burlap headboard

Transform your bedroom into a rustic retreat with these creative burlap headboard ideas. Add a touch of natural charm and texture to your space and create a cozy ambiance for a good night's sleep.
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So if you are reading this then I succeeded in figuring out how to schedule a post.....for the first time I might add. Techno wizard baby. Or not. Here we are...the final reveal. I had to finish early and seriously I am used to writing in real time...this is strange to me. I got as far as I could....and took a gob of pictures...edited my butt off. I mean I can't think about it anymore right? So let's roll baby. One before shot just to remind you what we started with. I didn't change the…

Lee O'Brien
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(Don't forget to enter the logo design giveaway while your here!) Yesterday I went to a garage sale at a local church and found...I don't know, a bamboo? rattan? seagrass? something-or-other, shade. It was $1.00. The first thing that popped into my head was the Seagrass Headboard on the Pottery Barn website (below): The ceiling in my room is vaulted and there's a LOT of space to fill so I dreamt about a taller version of the seagrass headboard and started about with the magic. I gathered my…

Maria Brooks